Code of Professional Responsibility

CSSCS Board of Standards adopted the Code of Professional Responsibility to establish the highest principles and standards for conduct.  These principles are general statements intended to express the ethical and professional framework certificants and registrants are expected to demonstrate when engaged their professional responsibilities.  The principles reflect the CSSCS Board of Standards recognition of certificants’ and registrants’ responsibilities to their clients, colleagues and the general public.

Principle 1 – Integrity:  Deliver professional services with integrity.  Working with integrity requires the adherence to a code of moral values and incorruptibility.

Principle 2 – Objectivity:  Deliver professional services objectively.  Dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretation.

Principle 3 – Competence:  Consistently work to maintain the knowledge and skill necessary to competently provide professional services in an ever changing financial services world.  Providing competent advice requires one to gain the knowledge and experience needed to specialize in a chosen field.

Principle 4 – Fairness:  Always consider the client’s interests first.  Strive to deliver reasonable and unencumbered advice, disclosing any and all conflicts of interest.  Embracing the hallmark of impartiality and honesty allows one to be free from self interest, prejudice, or favoritism.

Principle 5 – Confidentiality:  Maintain an effective client information protection protocol.  Understanding a relationship of trust and confidence with a client is built upon the knowledge that the client’s personal information will remain confidential and accessible only to those with appropriate authorization.

Principle 6 – Professionalism:  Always act in a manner that exemplifies professionalism and reflects positively on the designation.  Acting professionally requires behaving with dignity and courtesy in all interactions with clients and other financial professionals.

Principle 7 – Diligence:  Thoroughly explore every possible consideration before dispensing advice.  Embracing the value and importance of taking the time and care to render the most appropriate guidance.