Renewal Requirements

In order to maintain their active status designees must fulfill the CSSCS Board of Standards annual CE requirement as well as pay an annual renewal fee.  For those committed to comprehensive retirement income planning with Social Security as the foundation of every plan we offer a “Lifetime Membership” program.  Lifetime members will be listed in the Lifetime Members sections of the CSSCS website, and in the Lifetime Members section of the CSSCS Monthly Newsletter.  Lifetime status for Platinum Members can be achieved by paying a onetime renewal fee of $1,200. For our Gold Members, the renewal fee for lifetime status is $750.

CE Policy

Each year the CSSCS will prepare and deliver a “Continuing Education” module for the purpose of keeping registrants current with all Social Security rules, regulations and acceptable filing strategies.  Registrants who do not complete the CE requirement within 30 days of their certification anniversary will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension of graduate benefits and loss of the CSSCS designation.