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The Corporation for Social Security Claiming Strategies focuses exclusively on educating advisors, whether financial, legal, human resource or otherwise, as to the nuances of Social Security and Social Security claiming strategies. This invaluable education provides the expertise needed to create comprehensive, sustainable retirement income plans founded in Social Security. Our ‘advisor only’ focus allows us to do what we do best – educate advisors and provide them with the tools they need to grow their business.

Industry Elite Award

With corporations eliminating more than 84,000 pension plans since 1985, over a decade of unprecedented and ongoing market volatility, a Social Security system that has over 2,000 filing rules and a government agency prohibited from dispensing advice, the ability to offer expertise on the topic of when and how to develop a Social Security filing strategy is paramount to helping retirees remain financially viable throughout retirement.

Clients today approach the topic of retirement income planning with a keen awareness of the issues surrounding their finances and are not simply looking for answers about what may be their next steps. Rather, today’s savvy retirees demand a specific, detailed explanation as to how and why a recommended plan will work. Our convenient online program is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge needed to do just that. By establishing themselves as experts in their community, our advisors have seen their businesses climb to unprecedented heights.

The Corporation for Social Security Claiming Strategies is not a government agency, nor is it in any way affiliated with the Social Security Administration. Our course has not been approved or endorsed by the Social Security administration or any other governmental agency.