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Platinum Membership (Payment Plan) – $780.00
4 Monthly Payments of $195.00

Automatic Annual Renewal of $299.99

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    • Product Price: $195.00
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Important Payment Plan Terms and Conditions: By selecting the 4-Pay option you authorize CSSCS to automatically charge your credit card 25% of the total due today (or next business day) and to charge this same credit card 25% of the total due 30 days from today, 25% of the total due 60 days from today and the remaining 25% of the total due again 90 days from today. We reserve the right to demand payment of the balance due in full if we are unable to charge an installment against your account. If your card will expire during the installment period, we must have a new card number or expiration date at least 20 days prior to expiration, or we have the right to charge the outstanding balance to your account prior to the expiration date.   I agree to the terms specified for this payment plan and understand that my account will be charged in accordance to these terms.

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